Social Code Security’s network exists on a unique bandwidth that is broad enough to provide unlimited storage space in a private cloud to every person, company, organization and government in the world without running out of bandwidth for storage.

Virtually Invisible

Renders network invisible to cybercriminals behind both physical and SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) solutions.

Impregnable Wall

Levels of encryption allow your data to be stored behind an impregnable wall in a native network that rejects any foreign code.

3 Encryption Levels

Social Code Security employs three separate and distinct levels of security: one symmetrical level of encryption and two levels of asymmetrical encryption. The three levels of encryption allow data to be stored behind an impregnable wall in a native network that rejects any foreign code. Each piece of stored information is physically encrypted from end to end. And not one, but two, multi-numerical identification codes are randomly selected each time data are downloaded to the Social Code Security network. This process makes it impossible for hackers or malignant software to attack, corrupt or steal data, passwords, payment information, metadata, and client and personal information.

Simply by adding Social Code Security’s patented chip to any device that is Internet compatible, your data remain your own and any device becomes a native Social Code Security device where buying habits, temperature preferences, and home or office security protocols are stored in your private cloud where outsiders will not have access to any of your information. The Social Code Security chip is a symmetrical security protocol that uses binary opened-and-closed switches to establish a unique ATTO-matically generated key so that two native Social Code Security users (or two Social Code Security-enabled devices) may communicate using a physical key.

The second level of encryption occurs at the point where legacy Internet data are about to enter the Social Code Security network. Strings of data are rearranged into set lengths, framing the data for reconfiguration after entry into the Social Code Security network. This allows the network to identify strings of data or code which do not belong, and they are removed from the original data.

The third level of encryption employs a public key such as the user’s name. This identifies you to non-Social Code Security users so they may communicate with you. Social Code Security does not use IP addresses to identify its users so a hacker cannot use the address to hack your data or open up your private network and cloud to be attacked. The private key is the key you use to open up any data you receive. After the Social Code Security network scrubs the information free from any viruses, worms, spyware, malware or trojans, it actually quarantines any unknown or foreign strings of data or code.

Is Social Code Security right for your business?

Businesses, Organizations, Governments & Consumers

Social Code Security’s extraordinary cyber security defenses are available to automatically protect the sensitive data of every Internet user, help prevent damage to network infrastructure and hardware, reduce disruption and lost revenues, and preclude potential harm to reputations. Social Code Security assists individuals, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, governments (federal, state, municipal and foreign), critical infrastructure providers (transportation, electrical, water), emergency service providers, and businesses (manufacturing, transportation, automobile and automotive, aerospace and defense, construction, agriculture, food services, energy, utilities, healthcare, banking and financial services, insurance, retail, hospitality, gaming, media and entertainment, software and technology, etc.)

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