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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Yes, provided that you join two different membership programs.

While we would be sad to see you go and don’t think you will once you experience the type of seamless security we provide without sacrificing speed or use-ability, yes, you may cancel at any time and the pro-rated balance of your membership fee will be returned to you within 7-10 business days.

Just give us a call or apply online and by answering a few questions the enterprise system will give you a choice of membership programs that will best fit you or your company’s needs.

Yes, ATTObahn’s (Social Code’s??) network is not intended to replace the internet or internet service.

Yes, Attobahn’s patented technology does not allow hackers to follow an address back to your server or computer.  Additionally, because ATTObahn does not utilize TCP/IP but cell framing, the data you send remains one full strand preventing phishing, trojans, worms, viruses and other damaging code to reach your data.  Even in the extremely unlikely event that your account could be hacked which would involve getting around two randomly selected number code algorithms which are never the same length and actually locating your address on the web, the hacker would only be able to see the one file or transaction as every piece of data that you store in your ATTObahn Network is encrypted from end-to-end which would prevent a hacker from seeing more than the one file, thus limiting any damage to your company or your personal computer to one file

Yes, you may upgrade at any time, however, you must pay the difference between your current membership program and the membership fee of the program to which you are upgrading.

Yes, and depending on your membership type, we have different payment options.  Consult with a live customer service representative today to find out what the payment options are there for you.

ATTObahn is as safe as any 4G network.  The unique wavelength used by ATTObahn is near the same part of the wave length spectrum as infrared.  If you have ever checked to see if you t.v. remote is working by checking to see if the light goes on when you press the power button, you know that the infrared signal is harmless.  While ATTObahn’s network is millimeter wave and not infrared it is not harmful. Also, since ATTObahn is a viral molecular network, the millimeter waves that allow the network to function are spread from device to device over a wide area, disbursing the millimeter waves over a larger area which significantly reduces the minimal effect that the network would have if the network signal ended at your device.

What that means is that unlike prior technology where your device would send a signal to a central tower and then receive a signal back that terminated with your device, ATTObahn is a peer to peer network system where each ATTObahn enabled device communicates with all other ATTObahn enabled devices in the area, so like a molecule each atom (each device) is able to send and receive signals without first going to a central hub.

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