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Internet Vulnerability Takes Down Google

On November 12th, 2018, between 1:00 PM and 2:23 PM PST, ThousandEyes noticed issues connecting to G Suite, a critical application for our organization. Reviewing ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent stats, we noticed this was impacting all users at the ThousandEyes office. … Read More

Regulatory Gap: Cybersecurity at K-12 Schools

While data breaches at Equifax, Yahoo, Anthem and Target have made the national news, data breaches at school districts are not as widely publicized. Schools are a treasure trove of children’s personally identifiable information (PII) (e.g., name, address, Social Security … Read More

2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study by Ponemon

IBM is proud to sponsor the 13th annual Cost of a Data Breach study, the industry’s gold-standard benchmark research, independently conducted by Ponemon Institute. This year’s study reports the global average cost of a data breach is up 6.4 percent … Read More